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Re Mortgages

When should you look at re mortgaging?

.When your current deal is about to end (should start looking at around 16 weeks before end date)
.You are currently on your lenders SVR ( Standard Variable Rate) - This  can be higher than other rates on the market
.You want a better rate/ your stuck on a high rate compared to what the mortgage market has to offer now
. Home has gone up in value and you may now be in a lower LTV ( Loan to Value) bracket and may therefore be eligible for a lower rate.
.You may want to borrow more money for home improvements for example.
. You are on a tracker, discounted or variable rate and are worried about interest rate increases.

Equally if you have had a change in circumstances staying with the same lender and doing a Product Switch maybe better for you- Once we have taken your information this is something we can advise on.

Speak to us today so we can advise you on which lenders will be best for your situation. We will take your details and shop the mortgage market to find you the best matched mortgage saving you time, hassle and possibley even money. Not only do we do the shopping around we help you apply for your new mortgage and deal with the application from start to finish. We guide you throughout the whole process.

*Advice is free and impartial with no obligation to take up our recommendations

*This firm may charge a fee for arranging your Mortgage and/or insurance. This fee ranges from £0-£495 dependant on your circumstances

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